Navigating the Skies & Talent: The Unsung Heroes of Aviation Staffing

At Quanta, we’ve earned our reputation for providing an exceptional candidate experience. Our roots trace back over two decades, starting as an Aviation Staffing Company. Since those early days, we’ve broadened our horizons, expanding the opportunities we offer. Today, we proudly cater to technical and professional positions across a myriad of industries. Celebrating Aviation Staffing […]

What Is The Cost Of A Bad Hire?

While nobody seems to agree and exactly how much a bad hire costs a company, a poor hiring decision generally considered to be something every company wants to avoid. One of the biggest tragedies around a bad hire is the idea that it could have be prevented. Looking back at the hiring of a bad […]

How Is The Labor Shortage Going To Impact Every Industry? Quanta Is Poised To Help

The current labor shortage has experts confounded. While the unemployment rate hovers around 4 percent, millions of job openings go unfilled. Some people have made the argument that ending expanded unemployment benefits would unleash a tsunami of labor into the workforce, but that isn’t exactly what’s happened. It’s starting to become apparent that the American […]

How To Prep For And Nail Your Remote Interview

For the most part, remote job interviews are similar to in person job interviews, but that isn’t to say that they’re one and the same. The preparation for the actual interview is about the same for each. Make sure you know your strengths and the ways that they match up with the job description. Know […]

Hiring Faster Is Still Essential To Finding And Keeping Employees

In today’s labor market, people looking for work can call the shots and if your hiring process is protracted, top talent is more likely to opt out. The need for talent has increased as the effects of the pandemic recede. Meanwhile, the talent supply in the market has decreased. Add in the fact that many […]