Our motto "PEOPLE FIRST" embodies our core values and represents the essence of what we do and the attention we place in our work.

Designed in Italy, made in the US.

We focus on North American and Italian clients. We are a team of people with international background, different expertise and seniority. We were brought together by our common passion in the key element that makes any organization possible: the human element.

Bespoke Quality & Diversity

Our team is enriched by professionals with different backgrounds. Many of us speak different languages and lived and worked in different countries. Thanks to our combined experience we can understand and fully appreciate our clients’ needs and the rationale behind each search. We are selective with the projects we take on. When we commit, we offer a bespoke experience to our customers. That is also reflected in the different methodology and fee structure we adopt for different projects, with one constant: quality.

Personable & Fun

We are fortunate to perform an important service. We embrace the responsibility and the impact we have on people’s lives and organizations. We strive to make every interaction personable, while valorizing the different cultural elements and people’s preferences. Because of the diversity of our team, we can relate to you in your language and can bridge with agility intercultural matters, particularly in reference to the US and Europe. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy and have fun doing it.
If you are seeking the most talented candidates, at Quanta we support companies building successful teams.