We focus on two main areas: HR & Compliance Projects and On-Demand HR Services

Thanks to the broad experience of our Human Resources consultants, both internationally and in relation to various industries, we can provide our partners with customized HR consulting services and solutions, beyond Executive Search and Flexible Staffing support.

HR & Compliance Projects:

We offer customized support on HR & Compliance related matters. As an experienced HR consulting company we can assist your organization to gain the necessary knowledge that enables confidence when making some of the critical decisions to move your business forward.

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Our areas of expertise include:

Compensation Analysis

Through in depth market analysis we will review and compare your current compensation structure, and restitute our findings and advice in an actionable reporting format to ensure your organization is competitive when working on attracting the best talent.


We become an extension of your HR team and perform all necessary interviews and provide action plans based on findings.

Onboarding Process Review

Taking a fine toothed comb through your onboarding process to ensure compliance with local labor laws, and offering concrete advice on process improvement in designated areas.

Record Auditing

Review of Employee files, including I-9 and/or Medical files to ensure proper retention and security measures are in place. We will provide a full audit log in order to make corrections and ensure company wide compliance.

Employee Relations

We become an extension of your team, working side-by-side through the most challenging times including employee terminations, and risk assessment and consulting.

On-Demand HR Services:

When a full-service solution is not what you need, we offer a more modular approach through our On-Demand HR Services, which include:

Up close of a hand working at a desk

Synergy between US & Italy: Italian Alliance

Bridging the gap in the job market between Italy and The U.S.

A large part of our HR consulting is geared toward Italian capital deployment in North America. We offer guidance to both Italian companies looking to start-up operations in this geography, as well as to Italian companies hiring in the US and Canada, as they already have an established presence in these countries.
Quanta has firsthand experience in the Italian and North American job markets.
We understand the business and HR challenges encountered in these markets and we can easily communicate the differences in a clear and actionable manner. We offer a familiar environment as we understand both the cultural and linguistic aspects.
Several members of our US based team have worked and lived in Italy and are fluent in Italian.

The problems we most often tackle span from hiring a new top management level team, to HR Consulting on specific matters, to hiring and incorporating flexible staffing.

We Help Italian Companies in the US Navigate:

Talk to our talent acquisition consultants about how Quanta can help your Italian business succeed in North America.

If you are seeking the most talented candidates, at Quanta we support companies building successful teams.