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We search for THE MOST QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS with a clear focus on shareholders and stakeholders value creation.

Placing the right people at the helm of any company is a challenge we are particularly fond of.

We approach each project as a journey we make together, with a view at creating lasting partnerships with our clients. We dedicate a significant portion of our time to fully understand our clients’ strategic and organizational goals, as well as the key elements of their corporate identity and culture.

We appreciate each search is unique and we tailor our projects to fit our clients’ specific industries and market sectors. We advise both our customers and candidates each step of the way to a successful placement. In doing so, we structure our projects so that we become an extension and integral part of our partners’ team, always maintaining constant and effective communication. We are aware that unexpected events and changes of direction are common in many of the assignments we take on. We face each turn with the necessary agility, constantly advising our partners and providing them with useful and actable insight.

A very sensitive part of our engagement comes in the last phase of each assignment, when we guide both our candidates and clients through the final steps of the process and assist with any necessary negotiation to reach a mutually beneficial and balanced agreement.

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If you are seeking the most talented candidates, at Quanta we support companies building successful teams.