Hiring Faster Is Still Essential To Finding And Keeping Employees

In today’s labor market, people looking for work can call the shots and if your hiring process is protracted, top talent is more likely to opt out.

The need for talent has increased as the effects of the pandemic recede. Meanwhile, the talent supply in the market has decreased. Add in the fact that many skilled professionals are happily employed, and it makes for an even more daunting situation for employers.

Currently employed job seekers can afford to be fickle. If they come across a slow hiring process, they are more likely to find another offer or choose to stick with their current employer. The most qualified of these candidates are normally the first to drop out or ghost a potential employer out of frustration. The notion of “top talent” is a relative concept. The best talent for your open position isn’t just the most skilled or the most experienced applicant. The best talent for an open position at your company also suits your company values and culture. These “best-fit” candidates are the most likely to stay with your company for a long time.

One of many leading benefits of a speedy hiring process is the amount of money and resources that can be saves. Reducing the duration of your hiring process decreases just how long hiring managers and HR personnel must spend advertising, screening and interacting with applicants. A fast process also limits how much time hiring managers and team members involved in the interview process must spent away from their daily duties.

With this in mind, consider a couple ways to speed up your hiring process.

Use Smart Sourcing Techniques

Some sourcing techniques are simply more effective than others. For instance, concentrating hiring efforts during non-traditional times, like in December, means less competition for top talent with other employers. Conversely, January tends to be one of the busiest hiring periods of the year.

Another smart sourcing technique is to look at past staff members who may be open to returning. These people have a high chance of success as they already know the organization and you understand their capability to perform. Furthermore, making use of referrals from top performers is a smart technique because top-performing staff members tend to refer other top performers.

Maintain Schedules and Deadlines

Getting hiring managers to take action promptly can be a challenge. One way to deal with this is to schedule résumé review time periods with deadlines for decisions on candidates. This scheduling helps managers concentrate on reviewing résumés with minimal distractions.

Hard deadlines ought to be applied across the process to expedite decisions. If a manager doesn’t meet a deadline, top applicants can be reviewed and assessed by other managers in the company.

We Can Accelerate Your Process

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