How To Prep For And Nail Your Remote Interview

For the most part, remote job interviews are similar to in person job interviews, but that isn’t to say that they’re one and the same.

The preparation for the actual interview is about the same for each. Make sure you know your strengths and the ways that they match up with the job description. Know your weaknesses and how they won’t get in the way of your ability to do a good job. And so on…

In addition to standard interview prep, you also need to take a few steps to address the specific nature of your remote interview. Consider the following tips.

Pick a Good Setting

Ensure you take the video call for you interview somewhere that’s free of audible and visual distractions. You don’t want the sound of your neighbor’s lawnmower or the sight of your dog eating its kibble in the background.

Having a space in your home committed to work will give the impression you’re focused on the task at hand and dedicated to your career. A home office doesn’t need to be in a dedicated room. It could be a dedicated corner of your dining room or living room. The key is to choose somewhere free of distractions and clutter.

Once you’ve settled on a setting, be sure to consider anything that might be behind you, even far behind you. For instance, if a window behind you offers a view into the neighbor’s yard, you may want to close your curtains to avoid showing images of your neighbor pulling up weeds.

Check your Setup

If you have an old webcam setup, you should consider getting an updated model. While grainy images and glitchy audio won’t disqualify you from getting the position, it creates and unnecessary distraction that can hurt your chances.

It also sends the impression that you’re behind the times. If you have substandard gear, a potential employer might worry that they’ll need to deal with bad communications on your end conditions if you are hired.

Also, find out what video conference program the business plans to use and conduct a trial call using it. Connect to a friend to ensure your setup works with the program. Be sure to check your program settings to make sure everything looks and sounds good. You might discover that your microphone really picks up squeaks from your office chair. Not only is a squeaky chair annoying, but it can also cause the program to cut off the program’s audio.

Test out the positioning of your webcam to figure out the angle that makes you look best. If you plan on putting your laptop on a desk in front of you, it may cause you to look down at the camera, which can look odd to a viewer. You might find out that it’s a good idea to put your laptop on top of some books to set the camera at eye level. If you need to, adjust the ambient light to eliminate glare.

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